Scooters come to Santa Pod

Whether you ride a classic geared scooter, or a modern auto, Race, Rock ‘n’ Ride should provide you with the perfect opportunity to see how fast you can go down the Santa Pod sprint track.

If you don’t want to enter your scooter for the event, then there’s still the opportunity to come along to see all the action – and support your favourite scooter rider.

You can even visit the scooter pits, to see all the scooters close-up and maybe get a chance to chat to the owners about their individual machines. And there should be plenty of variety – anything from stunning-looking street racers through to cutdowns (or even stretched) scooters.

Supported by both Classic Scooterist and Scootering magazines, the scooter paddock area will be controlled by the scooter sprint gurus who run the 100mphscooter club; they will also be co-ordinating the scooter entries. The event is open to anyone who rides a scooter, so whether you’re a learner, a road-going rider, or an experienced scooter sprinter, you can enter your bike (subject to meeting Santa Pod’s site and event regulations). If you need any guidance, you can contact Pete at 100mphscooter.

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