Santa Pod Racers Club – Current Entry List

Visors down and leathers on – the Entry List for Race, Rock ‘N’ Ride 2017 has been confirmed!

Debuting last year with great success, Race, Rock ‘N’ Ride 2017 is all about the need for speed! For the first time, the weekend-long festival of motorcycling will host an official round of the ACU National Drag Bike Championships.

The quarter mile takes center stage as a varied and vibrant array of two-wheeled machines hit the track clocking up some insane speeds at unbelievable times. With invincible aerodynamics and power-to-weight ratios, motorbikes are well and truly at home on a drag strip. Topping the bill will be the Funny Bike class, featuring monsters capable of completing the run in an astonishing six seconds! For road riders, the biggest draw might well be the Super Street Bike class with relatable machines that have been known to clock speeds of more than 200mph.

We can’t wait to see what stats this year has in store!

CLICK HERE to view the entries on Santa Pod’s official website, or CLICK HERE to buy your tickets now in advance and save yourself some money!

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