Mobile Motorbike Dynos

New for 2017, Race Rock ‘N’ Ride welcomes DynABike to join in the two-wheeled action. Primarily, DynABike will be doing performance testing for road going bikes providing you with an idea of how your bike is running and if it is set up correctly for your purpose. This includes checking your bike is correctly fuelling for everyday use, touring and sprinting. DynAbIke will never rev your bike beyond any limit you impose.

This is a fantastic opportunity to test your pride and joy with the latest technology, safely and securely. At the end of your session, you are presented with a graph detailing your bikes BHP and Torque; the graph will also show your air to fuel ratio.

So what are you waiting for!? Start revving those engines and polishing that paintwork – Race, Rock ‘N’ Ride 2017 has so much in store for you and your two-wheeled side kick both on and off the track! Join us on the 20th & 21st May to be a part of Santa Pod Raceway’s jam-packed, adrenaline fuelled motorbike festival!

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